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Certified Professional Life Coach

Vanessa Worthington

Empowering Personal Transformation

I am a dedicated life coach with a passion for personal growth and transformation, specializing in 1:1 coaching sessions, Angel and Tarot card readings, and insightful human design analysis. With a profound belief in the uniqueness of each individual's journey, I empower my clients to navigate life's challenges, embrace their authentic selves, and harness their true potentials.

About Me

About Me

Growing up in Mexico, I was surrounded by a culture rich in tradition. One of these traditions that I've grown-up studying are Angel and Tarot cards.  During this time, I also began practicing bodywork.  I was fascinated in the mind-body connection at an early age.

But life took me beyond Mexico. I ended up moving to the United States with my family, where I dove into studying life-coaching and human design. It was like blending my Mexican spirituality with American self-help, finding a balance between old wisdom and new insights.

Today, I bring together those perspectives, offering a mix of ancient Mexican wisdom and modern American tools to help my clients see life from new angles. I guide them through challenges with a bit of practicality and a touch of the supernatural, giving them the clarity and confidence to navigate life's twists and turns.

In a world where these ideas might be seen as a bit out there, I provide a safe space—a place where it's okay to explore and share without judgment. Here, you can dig deep into your soul, finding purpose and new possibilities.

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